Friday, March 11, 2011

Marcom this week: From A to zinc – 3/11/11 edition

Coming together in crisis
Millions of people watched in disbelief this morning as footage of the devastation from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami aired. In the aftermath, the Internet served as an invaluable resource to provide victims and concerned parties with warnings and real-time updates. Google quickly responded by launching a Crisis Response page. The page serves as a one-stop resource for live updates on the situation, emergency phone numbers, advisories, and blackouts. Google is also connecting victims with their families using its People Finder tool. Millions of first-hand accounts of the destruction have been posted on Twitter (#japan, #tsunami, #prayforjapan), YouTube and Flickr, making the Japanese earthquake and tsunami one of the most documented natural disasters in history. You can also watch live updates of the destruction in Japan and updates as the Pacific-coast cities experience the tsunami. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and anyone else affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Charlie Sheen, media mogul?
The week’s new roundup would be amiss if we didn’t touch on Charlie Sheen’s media blitz. We all watched in awe as Sheen unraveled before our eyes (there has been no escape!). Although his mental state is far from 100%, Sheen is capitalizing on his own misfortune. This week he took the Internet, radio and television by storm. Sheen broke records when he opened a Twitter account, @charliesheen, which gained over one million followers in a day. SiriusXM Radio launched a dedicated channel, “Tiger Blood Radio,” to provide listeners with 24 hours of coverage surrounding the actor. Sheen even has his own UStream channel and each netcast totals over one million views. Now there are talks of a reality TV show, apparel sponsors, social media interns and a stand-up tour. In just two weeks Sheen transformed from a sitcom star to a media mogul, something that would take years (or even a lifetime) for other to accomplish. What’s next?

Starbucks New Look: 40 and fabulous
If you walked into your neighborhood Starbucks this week you probably noticed something a little different. Coinciding with its 40th anniversary, Starbucks rolled out the much-anticipated new logo—cups, sleeves and merchandise now all carry the new Siren. The campaign, seen in-store, online and on television, is aggressively focused on getting customers into the store. This week customers get a free petite treat with any coffee purchase. If you are into mobile, customers who check in at Starbucks on Foursquare between now and Saturday will randomly be awarded a $40 gift card. These promotions are enticing even to Starbucks haters!

Next week tune in for news from SXSW!

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kkauff2 said...

I really enjoyed this blog post! I think Charlie Sheen has taken the media world by storm. The publicity he is accumulating is incredible. It's almost as if he has someone secretly working for him. Whoever it is, they are definitely teaching him all the tricks. Keep up the good work!

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